The 7 best houseplants for darker rooms

The 7 best houseplants for darker rooms

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Finding easy-care indoor plants for a room with little light can be challenging, especially in winter, when the days are short. You may be at work, and the home can get quite dark. Here are seven plants that look
fantastic and thrive well in low-light conditions. 

1. Dracaena

Dracaena are available in a variety of colours

Dracaena come in wide varieties and are superb for darker indoor spaces. These wild-looking plants resemble bamboo, are easy to care for, looking fantastic near a doorway or as a feature plant. Dracaena can grow in various light conditions, preferring bright indirect light but can also grow in less optimal light conditions. Try to keep them in a humidity of 50-70%, and don’t over-water them. 

2. Calathea

Calathea thrive in low light and have gorgeous leaves

Calatheas have gorgeous colourful leaf patterns that offer ornate foliage as designed by an artist. Originally from South American tropical regions, Calathea often has large oval-shaped leaves that rise from the soil, whose patterns are painted beautiful colours. 

Depending on the cultivar, these artistic leaf designs can include touches of green shades, rich burgundy, rose, and yellow. Calathea can often be described as living art. Interestingly, they do not like bright light and prefer low-light conditions. With Calathea, the secret is not to overwater them and use a potting mix that is not dense and provides airflow for the roots. 

3. Epipremnum

Epipremnum work well in darker rooms.

Epipremnum, often called Golden Pothos or Devil’s Ivy, grows in various light conditions. With heart-shaped variegated leaves, the plant offers stronger colour in bright indirect light but will happily thrive in low-light rooms. Epipremnum’s beautiful long stems love to climb upwards, especially if you provide support. But they can also trail elegantly over a bookshelf. 

The plant loves humid environments, so give it a mist between waterings, allowing the soil to dry out before watering again to avoid root rot. 

4. Spathiphyllum

Spathiphyllum flower – The Peace Lily with its beautiful flowers

Spathiphyllum wallisii often referred to as The Peace Lily, is a classic plant for dark rooms, having large glossy green leaves and occasional white hooded flowers. Peace Lilies grow well in indirect light and like regular watering, especially with rainwater or filtered water. Not only do Peace lilies work well in low light, but they also are excellent air-purifying plants that remove toxins from the room. 

5. Sansevieria

Sansevieria – Snake Plant – Give your kitchen that contemporary look

Sansevieria often called the Snake plant, is another easy-care plant that works well in low-light conditions. Snake plants have long, pointed variegated leaves that reach for the sky. Snake plants are robust, distinct-looking plants that cope well in various settings, giving a contemporary appeal to the home. You don’t want to overwater this plant, so let the compost dry out between waterings to avoid root rot. 

6. Chlorophytum

Chlorphytum – Spider Plant – Let it grow and grow

Chlorophytum, commonly called Spider plants, are a favourite as they will grow well out of direct light. These tough plants will often tolerate neglect but do like regular watering. Spider plants are easy to propagate, so you can keep growing them as great gifts for family and friends. Just cut the baby spider plants that appear on long stems, and pot them individually as a new houseplant.

8. Pachira Aquatica

A “Money Tree” plant (Pachira Aquatica) – For good fortune.

Pachira Aquatica often called the money plant, won’t make you rich. Still, it is a houseplant joy with beautiful five-fingered leaves and braided stems. Money plants prefer bright indirect light but can grow under LED lights and are ideal in an office. Pachira needs regular watering, but let the soil dry in between waterings to avoid root rot. 

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