Copywriting Service

Clear, Concise & Compelling.

With diminishing attention spans comparable to a fruit fly, you need to communicate your message in milliseconds or lose the audience.
I write concise, catchy, and compelling prose that explains your offer and converts with a clear call to action.


Like Bees to Honey!


My experience is grounded in developing content for retail brands, online stores and brainstorming sales campaigns in various industries.

During my tenure, I worked with global teams to create B2B and B2C marketing programs and web content for international brands.

If your business needs copywriting for landing pages, emails, ads, or video scripts, consider me part of your remote content marketing team. 

Convert leads to revenue

Geared for B2B and B2C audiences the copywriting service is designed to convert with a clear call to action. 

Copywriting includes landing pages, pillar pages, emails, ads and video scripts.

Pricing is based on project basis, that may include wireframes with significant sensitivity to the brief .

Quotations are determined by the required research, and delivery time.

Targeting a B2B or B2C audience

Clear product or service offer

Generate Qualified Leads

Designed to convert

Grow Revenue

Which Industries?

Sausages that convert

Perhaps you’re a SaaS business that’s digitally doodling. Not to worry, I’ll explain the benefits of your products and services that will thrill them into submission.

Maybe your new vegan sausage tastes half decent, but the product page is pretty bland and needs some jalapeno.

Are your mindfulness app emails getting lost in the ether? Or are you trying to convince your Covid-isolated Yoga class to stretch with Zoom?
The first line is critical; the rest is history.

With the increase in the demand for opioids, it’s a perfect time to switch to recovery bud. Let’s email them about your latest batch of edibles.

Whatever the case, I’ll convert your story.

Technology, digital services and Saas

Healthcare and medical innovation

Medical and Recreational Cannabis

Active-living, fitness, community

Mental wellbeing and mindfulness

How it works

1.  Email or WhatsApp me

Add your name, position, and company details.

Let me know as much as possible about the gig or project requirements in a brief.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information. But it all helps. If you have questions, just ask. We can also set up a Zoom or Google meet.

2.  Get a Proposal

I’ll send you a proposal with the cost and delivery time by email.

My fees are based on word-count. However, for complex projects that demand strategy, I may also charge by the hour.


3. New to Richprose? Set up a Contract

For new clients, we can set up a contract in escrow with Upwork Direct Contracts. It won’t cost you anything, and will secure your payment.

Let’s do it!

New to Richprose? Set up a contract!


Here’s how it’s done. Click on the ‘New Contract’ button, and follow the steps for a new direct contract on Upwork. You don’t have to be a member.

Add as much information as you can about the job requirements, and we’re ready to go.

Some ideas to get you started

  • Topic
  • Working title
  • Content purpose
  • Target Audience
  • Buyer Persona
  • Customer Lifecycle Stage
  • Call To Action
  • Word Count
  • Research Required
  • Keyword Phrases
  • Style requirements
  • Content Format
  • Publication or Media Channel
  • Delivery Time