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Tell me about your writing gigs and projects


Which topics do you write about?

Richprose content services include Technology, SaaS, Healthcare, Fitness, mental health, food science, and medical innovation, and alternative medicine, such as medical cannabis & CBD.

Do you undertake research?

My work includes online topic research. Where necessary I contact businesses and organizations to learn more about their products, services, and news updates. 

Do you optimize for SEO?

My writing includes SEO optimization. I can include keyword phrases of your choice. 

When can you deliver?

Delivery times are dependent on my current volume of work, but generally, I can turn out a 1000 word post in 24 Hr. I may need some lead time, especially if it’s a weekend.
Copywriting and editing may require additional time and are dependent on the size of the project.
Let me know the urgency and I’ll do my best to help.

Do you provide images and videos?

I’m able to supply images and videos. The cost of which is dependent on the source and the time it takes to procure. Please contact me for further details.

What are your prices?

The prices for content writing, copywriting and editing are charged on a different basis. Content writing is charged per word. Copywriting and editing on a project basis.
All quotations are dependent on the amount of research required and the time it is required.
Please contact me for a quotation.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Generally, I use PayPal. Long-term ongoing projects can be paid by Bank Transfer. 

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